Pico-second laser for skin rejuvenation - achieve bright and even skin. Beauty Academy HK

Picosecond  laser technology has revolutionized skin laser treatment by minimizing thermal impact to surrounding skin tissues.  The short, picosecond laser pulse durations result in a primarily photoacoustic, rather than photo-thermolysis effect, reducing the risk of hypo- or hyper- pigmentation and scarring. The efficacy and safety of picosecond laser systems in tattoo removal, in particular for patients with skin of color, has led to wider use in other skin conditions involving dyspigmentation, as well as other aesthetic uses such as acne scarring and pores reduction.

Pico second laser: skin pigmentation treatment.

Our Pico-second Laser system is able to treat both superficial & deep pigmented lesions.  The more superficial epidermal-dermal lesions can be treated with 755/532nm wavelength and deep pigmented lesions are usually treated with the 1064nm wavelength.

Our fully-trained, experienced therapist will choose the most suitable laser parameters for your skin’s unique needs.


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