Circadia Oxygen Rx Facial

美國Circadia Oxygen Rx Facial 消炎殺菌 針對暗瘡玫瑰痤瘡 Beauty Academy HK 香港獨家

A controlled amount of oxygen is generated at optional levels on the skin to provide maximum benefits and help to replace the ruddy-look associated with acne, rosacea and telangiectasia, with brighter skin.

Circadia’s Oxygen Treatment focuses on acne and rosacea because they both have inflammatory, vascular and bacterial components.

Oxygen is an ideal treatment for acne because it helps to kill p. Acne bacteria that’s on the skin’s surface and deep inside the follicle. It also makes extractions of comedones and blackheads easier.

Oxygen is a wonderful option for Rosacea because it helps control the demodex mite, a main trigger causing rosacea. Ideally suited to reduce the amount of visible redness that you see on the surface of the skin.

Circadia Oxygen is Unique
There are no pressurized gas tanks or hydrogen peroxide. Circadia uses solid state oxygen in a unique formula which allows us to create oxygen in situ (on the skin). This also allows us to measure how much oxygen is penetrating into the skin.

Circadia’s Oxygen Rx system will help to reduce the amount of visible redness that you see on the surface of the skin. Which is an added benefit to using this on a Rosacea client.

Also Great For Anti-Aging
This treatment is also an ideal treatment of anti-aging. It stimulates the cellular response and helps produce an immediate radiant glow. Breathing new life back into lackluster skin.

Perfect For Everyone – Anytime
This treatment has no downtime. The skin is not compromised in any way so clients are able to re-apply make up directly after the treatment. They can head back to the office or out to a function with a beautiful radiant glow. Ideally, clients can receive the treatment monthly, but can be administered weekly if needed.

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