Berry.EN DAY GEL PYCNOGENOL® Skin Nutrition

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In order to protect the skin throughout the day from pollution, moisture loss and oxidative stress, this light DAY GEL was formulated which gives a refreshed and balanced complexion. The leaf gel of the aloe vera provides plenty of moisture. A particular extract from the ocra plant ensures wrinkle reduction and makes the skin look firmer and tighter. The nourishing composition with premium oils from almond, meadowfoam, cranberry, orange, shea and sunflower gently coats the skin without occluding it and without leaving an unpleasant greasy shine. The skin feels soft and smooth throughout the whole day and retains its elasticity. 

Size: 50ml

Key Ingredients

Pycnogenol®: for the protection of elastin and collagen

Myoxinol®: with exotic Hibiscus esculentus extract lifts the skin and reduces expression lines.

Fucogel®: ensures an extraordinary intense moisture effect.

Hyaluronic acid: builds up water depots in the skin.

Precious plant oils: including almond oil, cranberry seed oil and orange oil nourish the skin without making it greasy.

Açaí berry extract & Vitamin E: provide extra protection against oxidative stress.

To Use

Apply to cleansed face in the morning. Gently tap with fingertips until absorbed.


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