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Berry.EN Moisturizing Mist

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The light and refreshing spray mist of the MOISTURIZING MISTING SPRAY intensely moisturizes your skin. Aloe vera as well as caring panthenol soothe stressed and irritated skin. Calcium PCA strengthens its barrier function and its resistance. Specific fruit acids exfoliate dead skin particles and stimulate the renewal of skin cells. Açaí berry extract provides extra protection against free radicals that occur with increased UV-radiation a.o. Therefore, the MOISTURIZER is also especially suitable for the soothing refreshment of the entire body skin, for example after a long exposure to the sun.

Size: 125ml

Key Ingredients

Aloe Vera & Panthenol: The leaf gel of Aloe vera gives plenty of moisture, panthenol soothes and regenerates stressed skin

Calcium PCA: stimulates the skin-own ceramide production and strengthens the skin barrier.

Fruit extracts: from apple, kiwi, lemon, mango, peach and apricot revive and stimulate cell renewal

Açaí berry extract:  provides extra protection against oxidative stress

To Use

Spray onto your face throughout the day to refresh, soothe, hydrate your skin.



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