Ultrasound - RF Skin Tightening

Ultrasound-RF Skin Tightening Treatment - Beauty Academy HK

Ultrasound – RF technology is a non-invasive treatment for tightening loose skin, smoothing wrinkles, produce new collagen and tighten the face and neck. Sonal signals (ultrasound therapy) in combination with radiofrequency (RF) constitute the most modern and new advancements offered today by cosmetic dermatology.

Ultrasound-RF Facial Treatment
This is an innovative method of instant lifting without surgery, giving a totally natural lifting and firming result.  The treatment can be applied to the most areas on the face, such as the eyes, upper and lower lid, around the lips, the neck and décolletage. 
How Is Ultrasound-RF Therapy Performed?  
Through the innovative Ultrasound technology, the advantages of ultrasounds and RF radiofrequencies are combined, achieving the optimal result in face firming and rejuvenation. During the process, a small handpiece is applied on the skin. The handpiece directs the radiofrequency and ultrasounds energy to the skin layers. Ultrasound and radiofrequency energies activate the fibroblasts in the skin, stimulate new collagen production, resulting in a firming and lifting effect. The facial treatment lasts 20 - 45 minutes, is painless and you can instantly return to daily activities. 

How Effective Is Ultrasound-RF Therapy? 
Using Ultrasound-RF Therapy, an improvement by 40% - 70% in facial shaping is noticed, while about 5-10  treatments are required for the optimal outcome, depending on each skin type requirements. 

  • Firming the neck and face
  • Restoring the oval shape of the face
  • Reducing  line and wrinkles 
  • Improving double chin 
  • improving droopy eyes 
  • improving eyebags

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