Ultrasound-RF Fat Reduction

Ultrasound RF- Fat removal+ skin tightening for body - Beauty Academy HK

Ultrasound-RF is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment. Using thermal energy, this treatment stimulates collagen production and reduction of fat deposits.

The next generation Ultrasound – RF platform uses the latest synergy of sound and radiofrequency energy, designed to penetrate to a deeper layers of the skin tissue. The mechanical energy of ultrasound increases blood flow in the target tissue, which causes higher conductivity of the tissue and leads in homogenous heating of the area. In addition, ultrasound increases cell permeability, allowing the radiofrequency to have even more effect on fibroblast stimulation. The concentrated energy heats the tissue and promotes the cell repair process, stimulating natural collagen production. 

Ultrasound-RF can be effectively used in:

  • Body Contouring
  • Cellulite Removal/Smoothing
  • Stubborn fat reduction
  • Body Tightening & Toning


Ultrasound-RF treatments can be used to treat any part of the body that you wish to reshape or smooth. Common areas that are treated include the jowls, neck, chin, thighs, back, abdomen, hands, upper arms and love handles.


Ultrasound-RF fat reduction Beauty Academy HK

Ultrasound-RF Fat Reduction - Beauty Academy HK
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